Our vision is providing quality education to break the cycle of slavery and poverty.

Our mission is to provide education to those who have no hope to get into schools. Giving children an encouraging environment and help them to reach their full potential. Starting schools for the slaves and poor communities in Pakistan.

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Dear Brother and Sisters, today I want to share a dream with you.

Mary and I have started a free school in the heart of the Thar Desert in Pakistan for the Hindu slave children. This is a simple step of faith.

There are approximately 4.5 million slaves in Pakistan. It is heartbreaking that 95% of these slaves are Christians.  They work in the Brick kilns making bricks, in bondage, just like the Israelites in Egypt. Christians are considered untouchables in Pakistan. Hindus are considered even lower than Christians and suffer the worst persecution by the hands of the majority community.

As you may already know, we have a school for the Christian children. The Hope for the Nation school is now providing much needed education for the Hindu children as well.

Right now the school meets in different homes  in the village and mostly just out in the open on the sand without any shade.

Recently the village head has given us the go ahead to build some huts to be used as classrooms. This is a huge testimony to the open hearts of this Hindu community to allow their children to be educated in a Christian school.

Mary and I want to touch the lives of these young ones and their parents by becoming the hands and feet of Jesus in their lives. We cannot do it alone so we are reaching out to seek the help and support of others who have the same compassion and want to stand with us.

Whilst we have been given permission to build two huts there is of course the expense which the villagers could not meet. The cost to construct these and to provide solar panels for electricity, a table and chair for the teacher and stationary is estimated at GBP £1,750.

We would ask also if you would consider sponsoring a student by making a regular monthly payment of £25. This would cover all ongoing educational costs, expenses for the teacher and any ongoing maintenance costs.  

Apart from considering a gift towards the cost to help us develop this school, we would also ask if you would consider becoming a ‘Prayer Partner’ to hold this community in prayer, receiving a quarterly update email. If so please send us an email stating so and we will add you to our mailing list.

If you feel that you would like to help us with a one time gift or would like to sponsor a child please contact me on the following email: kennyzahid@hotmail.com

Thanking you in Jesus’s name for allowing us to share this with you.


A story about brick kilns

Over four million brick kiln workers
in Pakistan are bonded labourers,
tied by debt to their employers.

Overburdened by loans, generation after generation of workers, totalling about 4.5 million spread across 18,000 kilns around the country, toil for nothing more than the promise of freedom. Of these, 5,000 brick kilns are in Punjab alone, mostly (about 90 per cent of them) in rural areas. 95% of these slaves are traditional Christians.

But these are not just cases of child labour. Entire families work in brick kilns, striving to pay off their debts that are so much beyond their means that they will remain unpaid even after decades of continuous work. Many of them do into even remember their origins
into slavery.

The brick kiln workers live in substandard conditions with no running water, sanitation, education facilities, health care. The workers are often traded or sold between owners. Incidents of abuse are frequent. Some families have been enslaved for generations.