Bangkok Refugee Programme

So many areas of the world are currently experiencing the influx of people displaced by violence and persecution. As Christians, it is impossible to not be moved with compassion towards so many we hear about through the media and through those we know working in affected areas.

There are many organisations working in numerous areas, but one of those countries that we have close contact with, Pakistan, has very little help and support from the outside world. Over recent years thousands of Pakistani Christians have fled their homes and their country to seek refuge from persecution. They have left behind most of their worldly possessions to find a place of safety. A large number have found them selves in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of need. How can we have any effect on such a huge problem? Through our contacts in Bangkok, we have begun to reach out to just a few families and would like to see this increase.

They have no money for anything: food, accommodation, clothes, soap, etc – nothing. We can make a real difference to a few families and would love your help. 

For just £30 a month we can feed a family.

We invite you to get behind Reach Pakistan. Who knows what the Lord can do if we open our hearts to Him.

Please consider if the Lord is leading you to become involved. Thank you so much.